NEW Map of Milton Keynes (

A Newly Created Map of Milton Keynes in the style of the London Underground Map

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As a design idea, translating the general grid road layout of Milton Keynes into a map in the same style as the famous London Underground map has been on the cards for a long time. Finally, this has now been produced and is available to buy as a keepsake, gift or souvenir.

Different versions of the map of Milton Keynes

Initially this has been produced as an A2 poster and A5 postcards, with plans for other things in the future. Whilst other products follow we would welcome your ideas so please email them to

Browser Compatability

This scrolling map of Milton Keynes has been designed to work best with Internet Explorer version 7 and above or Firefox.

Navigation Controls

ZOOM IN - Page Down/Mouse Scroll Wheel Down

ZOOM OUT - Page Up/Mouse Scroll Wheel Up

PAN - Arrow Keys/Mouse Drag

Where can you get the map?

A2 posters and A5 postcards are available from a number of local stockists in Milton Keynes (click here for more details) as well as the MK Cows website.

Where can I see the map?

A large floor print of the map has been installed in Midsummer Place in Central Milton Keynes shopping area. You can see this at any time the shopping centre is open.

What people have said...

"Saw this on the floor in the CentreMK today. Well done quite striking, clever; have always liked maps, like the evolution of the different LU maps, and indeed Simon Patterson's Great Bear. I dont know MK that well but this looked like an easy breakdown of all of the areas."